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English Pronunciation Made Simple 3

English Pronunciation Made Simple 3

English Pronunciation Made Simple is a book and audio course that aims to help learners of English improve their pronunciation skills. The book covers the main aspects of English pronunciation, such as stress, rhythm, intonation, and sounds. The audio CDs provide listening and speaking practice for the learners to apply what they have learned from the book.


English Pronunciation Made Simple 3 is a file that contains the third audio CD of the course. The file is compressed in a ZIP format to reduce its size and make it easier to download or share. The file can be found on various websites that offer free educational resources, such as [Internet Archive] or []. The file size is about 86.9 MB and it contains 18 tracks that correspond to the units 9 to 12 of the book.

To use the file, one needs to download it and unzip it using a software that can handle ZIP files, such as WinZip or 7-Zip. Then, one can either play the tracks on a computer or transfer them to a portable device, such as a smartphone or an MP3 player. Alternatively, one can also burn the tracks onto a blank CD and use it on a regular CD player.

English Pronunciation Made Simple 3 is a useful resource for anyone who wants to improve their English pronunciation and speak more confidently and clearly. The file is compatible with most devices and platforms and it can be accessed for free online. However, one should also have the book that accompanies the audio course to get the most out of it. The book can be borrowed from a library or purchased from a bookstore or an online retailer.


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