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Lincoln Turner

Diablo 3 Offline Client Patch V 2.2 76

Last week suddenly the server was completely down for HTTP-requests, the whole files folder (BIOSes, firmware, manuals, drivers, images and logos) was deleted without any notification and the Help Desk (free support via tickets) was deactivated for free hosting clients. Fortunately FTP was still working, so I could save some off page stuff. Today also FTP isn't working anymore, so the server seems to be completely offline.

diablo 3 offline client patch v 2.2 76

@RubyCarbuncle theyve already patched in world circuits to work in offline mode. All they did with the payouts is balance them out so you're not spamming one race over and over. If mtx weren't there, nobody would be complaining at the grind/reward ratio. Its all just hyperbole now.

The only legitimate critisism is that the single player mode, or at least most of it, is not playable when the GT servers are offline. That should not be a thing and i sincerely hope they will patch that to be different. 350c69d7ab


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