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Chicas Malas: A Movie Review

If you are looking for a comedy movie that will make you laugh and also think about high school life, friendship, and popularity, you might want to check out Chicas Malas. This is a Spanish dubbed version of Mean Girls, a 2004 American teen comedy film written by Tina Fey and directed by Mark Waters. In this article, we will review Chicas Malas, its plot, characters, themes, and messages, and also tell you where you can watch or download this movie online.

Chicas Malas [DVDRIP] [2004] []



What is Chicas Malas?

Chicas Malas is a Spanish dubbed version of Mean Girls, a 2004 American teen comedy film written by Tina Fey and directed by Mark Waters. The movie is based on Rosalind Wiseman's 2002 non-fiction book Queen Bees and Wannabes, which describes female high school social cliques and the damaging effects they can have on girls. The movie stars Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron, a 16-year-old girl who moves to Illinois from Africa and tries to fit in at her new high school. She soon becomes friends with Janis Ian (Lizzy Caplan) and Damian Leigh (Daniel Franzese), two outcasts who warn her about the Plastics, a trio of popular girls led by Regina George (Rachel McAdams). Cady decides to infiltrate the Plastics to sabotage them from within, but she soon becomes corrupted by their lifestyle and starts to lose her true self.

Who are the main actors and characters?

The main actors and characters of Chicas Malas are:

  • Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron, a 16-year-old girl who moves to Illinois from Africa and tries to fit in at her new high school.

  • Rachel McAdams as Regina George, the leader of the Plastics, a trio of popular girls who rule the school.

  • Amanda Seyfried as Karen Smith, one of Regina's best friends and a member of the Plastics. She is not very smart but very kind.

  • Lacey Chabert as Gretchen Wieners, another one of Regina's best friends and a member of the Plastics. She is rich, loyal, and insecure.

  • Lizzy Caplan as Janis Ian, an artistic and sarcastic girl who befriends Cady and helps her infiltrate the Plastics.

  • Daniel Franzese as Damian Leigh, Janis's best friend who is openly gay and also helps Cady infiltrate the Plastics.

  • Jonathan Bennett as Aaron Samuels, Regina's ex-boyfriend who Cady develops a crush on.

  • Tina Fey as Ms. Norbury, Cady's math teacher who also serves as a mentor and a narrator for the movie.

  • Amy Poehler as Mrs. George, Regina's mother who tries to act like a teenager and befriends her daughter's friends.

  • Tim Meadows as Mr. Duvall, the principal of North Shore High School who tries to deal with the students' problems.

What is the plot summary?

The plot summary of Chicas Malas is:

Cady Heron is a 16-year-old girl who has been homeschooled by her zoologist parents in Africa for most of her life. She moves to Illinois with her family and enrolls at North Shore High School, where she faces a new social environment. She meets Janis Ian and Damian Leigh, two outcasts who become her friends and warn her about the Plastics, a trio of popular girls who rule the school. The Plastics consist of Regina George, the queen bee; Karen Smith, the ditzy blonde; and Gretchen Wieners, the rich girl with a big secret.

Cady catches the eye of Regina, who invites her to sit with them at lunch. Cady soon learns that Regina is dating Aaron Samuels, Cady's crush who also happens to be Regina's ex-boyfriend. Janis and Damian persuade Cady to spy on the Plastics and report back to them. Cady agrees, hoping to get closer to Aaron. However, she soon finds herself enjoying being part of the Plastics and becoming more like them. She starts to dress like them, talk like them, act like them, and even lie like them. She also starts to alienate Janis and Damian, who feel betrayed by her.

Cady's plan to sabotage Regina backfires when she gives her Kalteen bars that make her gain weight instead of lose it. Regina becomes suspicious of Cady's motives and discovers that she likes Aaron. She decides to get back together with him just to spite Cady. Cady then teams up with Janis and Damian again to expose Regina's secrets and ruin her reputation. They spread rumors about her cheating on Aaron, being pregnant, having an eating disorder, etc. They also try to break up the Plastics by making Gretchen spill her secret that Regina cheats on Aaron with Shane Oman (Diego Klattenhoff), a boy from another school.

Their plan works too well when Gretchen snaps at Regina during a Christmas talent show performance and reveals everything in front of everyone. Regina storms out of the auditorium and gets hit by a bus outside. The rumor spreads that Cady pushed Regina in front of the bus on purpose. Cady becomes ostracized by everyone at school and faces expulsion for writing a burn book that insults everyone at school (even though it was actually written by Regina).

Cady decides to take full responsibility for everything that happened and apologizes to everyone at school during a math competition. She also reconciles with Janis and Damian, confesses her feelings to Aaron, and makes peace with Regina. She realizes that being mean does not make you happy or popular; it only makes you miserable and lonely. She learns to be herself again and appreciate her true friends.


What are the main themes and messages?

The main themes and messages of Chicas Malas are:

  • The dangers of conforming to social norms and expectations that do not reflect your true self.

  • The importance of being honest with yourself and others about your feelings and opinions.

  • The value of friendship over popularity or status.

  • The power of kindness over cruelty in dealing with others.

  • The need for self-esteem and self-respect in facing life's challenges.

How does the movie portray high school life and culture?

The movie portrays high school life and culture as:

  • A complex social hierarchy that divides students into different cliques based on their appearance, interests, personality, etc.

  • A competitive environment that encourages students to seek approval from others by being attractive, smart, funny, etc.

  • A stressful situation that pressures students to perform well academically, socially, romantically, etc.

  • A fun experience that offers students opportunities to explore their identity, express their creativity, form relationships, etc.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the movie?

The strengths of the movie are:

  • The witty dialogue that delivers humor and satire throughout the movie.

  • The relatable characters that represent different types of high school students that viewers can identify with or learn from.

  • The realistic scenarios that depict common issues that high school students face such as bullying, peer pressure, body image, dating, etc.

  • "You're not stupid, Karen." - Cady Heron

  • "No, I am actually. I'm failing almost everything!" - Karen Smith

  • "Well... there must be something you're good at." - Cady Heron

  • "I can stick my whole fist in my mouth! Wanna see?" - Karen Smith

  • "No no no... Anything else?" - Cady Heron

  • "Well... I'm kind of psychic. I have a fifth sense." - Karen Smith

  • "What do you mean?" - Cady Heron

  • "It's like I have ESPN or something. My breasts can always tell when it's going to rain." - Karen Smith

  • "Really? That's amazing." - Cady Heron

  • "Well... they can tell when it's raining." - Karen Smith

What are some of the differences between Chicas Malas and Mean Girls?

Some of the differences between Chicas Malas and Mean Girls are:

  • The language: Chicas Malas is in Spanish, while Mean Girls is in English.

  • The title: Chicas Malas means "Bad Girls" in Spanish, while Mean Girls means "Mean Girls" in English.

  • The cultural references: Chicas Malas changes some of the references and jokes to make them more suitable for Spanish-speaking audiences. For example, instead of saying "I'm a mouse, duh!" for Halloween, Karen says "I'm a cat, meow!" in Chicas Malas.

  • The voice actors: Chicas Malas uses different voice actors than Mean Girls to dub the original actors. For example, Lindsay Lohan is dubbed by Belén Rodríguez in Chicas Malas, while Rachel McAdams is dubbed by Nuria Mediavilla.

What are some of the similarities between Chicas Malas and Mean Girls?

Some of the similarities between Chicas Malas and Mean Girls are:

  • The plot: Chicas Malas follows the same plot as Mean Girls, with only minor changes.

  • The characters: Chicas Malas has the same characters as Mean Girls, with only slight differences in their names. For example, Cady Heron is called Cady Herrera in Chicas Malas, while Janis Ian is called Janis Ianis.

  • The themes: Chicas Malas explores the same themes as Mean Girls, such as high school cliques, bullying, friendship, self-esteem, honesty, and kindness.

  • The messages: Chicas Malas conveys the same messages as Mean Girls, such as being yourself, being honest with yourself and others, being kind to others, and valuing friendship over popularity.


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